Monday, 16 January 2012


Hey Guys.

I am here to talk to you all about Skyrim. As you all know, it is one of THEE best games of all time.. But, is it all as it's made out to be?

 Now i have nothing against the game, but there are some things in this game that have me on the verge of murdering everyone in site.. for example, i do hate having to download a glitch fix for every second mission, having to walk to a place marker that is literally on the other side of the (amazingly huge and detailed) map, and then having to walk all the way back.. i know what your thinking, "noob, everyone knows that you can fast travel to discovered locations, noob dumbass." but still, even with fast travel, they make up the time with the loading screens, where the beautifully detailed 3D models only capture my attention for a few seconds.. and nothing is more annoying than having Lydia stand in the door way when your trying to do something important. Sigh..

Anyways, enough of the bad stuff. Now for the good stuff :D nothing is more satisfying than sneaking up behind and bandit, bow and arrow in hand, and then shooting them in the back of the neck, or setting a foe ablaze with an enchanted weapon. There's lots of great stuff in this game, and lots of annoying things too, but if theres one thing i should warn you of, it's that the first few days of this game will completely EAT your free time, and after a few weeks, you will become depressed when you realize how Skyrim has ruined your life.. on that note, i'm off to go play Skyrim! Peace.

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