Monday, 16 January 2012

The Art Of Having No Life

Hey Guys,

Life.. What It Life? According to Wikipedia - 'Life, is a 1944 non-fiction science book written by physicist Erwin Schrodinger'. I guess the logical answer would be If you have no life you are dead. If you are still moving and breathing you will have a life.

 You see, It's easy to tell if you have a life: if you are unsure weather you are dead or alive, ask yourself these questions: Have you logged more than 20 hours of Xbox Live this week?, Do you ever go to the movies alone?, Do you watch re-runs of TV programs on your computer all day?, do you have any friends? does Al Gore strike you as an 'intriguing' fellow? if you answered Yes to all the questions, then congratulations! you have NO life. if you answered No to all the questions, then you HAVE got a life! Congratulations. I'm just kidding though, everybody has a life, so stop telling people that they don't have a life, and more importantly, stop telling yourself that you dont have a life.