Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Well That Was Awkward

Awkward Moment - lacking social graces or manners for an indefinitely short period of time.

Okay, so lately I've been noticing a trend, where a lot of people are are saying - that awkward moment when ... or that awkward moment this or that awkward moment that. Most of the time, their so called 'awkward moment' is not awkward at all, it wouldn't even be worthy to enter the gates of awkwardness. Awkwardness is an unpleasant feeling, which can often arise in tense atmospheres where one doesn't really know how to act or what to say. Usually when I hear people speaking of their awkward moments, it has nothing to do with awkwardness, NOTHING at all..

So next time your thinking of posting an 'Awkward Moment' status, ask yourself: is it worthy to pass through the awkward gates of awkwardness? will it impress others enough to make them rethink this blog? if you answered yes to both of them - then you have my permission to post it :)

Peace Out.


Facebook - A site that nearly all of us go when we are on the internet and have some free time.
Imagine life without Facebook, it could make us more social, more enthusiastic to actually see our friends in person. Or would it make us lonely, deprived of social interaction? Does Facebook really connect people? or does it actually disconnect us? Instead of doing something enjoyable like talking and hanging with friends, I am sending them little ungrammatical notes and amusing photos in cyberspace, while sitting alone at my computer. Far from connecting us, Facebook may actually be isolating us from the real world.

Facebook is a very good social networking device. It allows you to create and maintain a profile, which can be used to tell people more about you. On your profile you can edit things such as your profile picture, gender, birth date, home town, family, relationship status, political views, religion, activities, hobbies, interests, favourite music, favourite movies, favourite TV shows, favourite quotations, favourite books, about me information, contact details and education and work. There are also many groups, pages and networks that you can join to connect with people that have similar interests. As well as joining them, you can create them yourself. Status updates can be used to tell people what you are doing, eating, drinking, reading, watching, listening to, etc. You can also use the status update to post links, photos, videos, events, etc.

Facebook can be described as really good or really bad, it just depends on how you look at it.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The Art Of Having No Life

Hey Guys,

Life.. What It Life? According to Wikipedia - 'Life, is a 1944 non-fiction science book written by physicist Erwin Schrodinger'. I guess the logical answer would be If you have no life you are dead. If you are still moving and breathing you will have a life.

 You see, It's easy to tell if you have a life: if you are unsure weather you are dead or alive, ask yourself these questions: Have you logged more than 20 hours of Xbox Live this week?, Do you ever go to the movies alone?, Do you watch re-runs of TV programs on your computer all day?, do you have any friends? does Al Gore strike you as an 'intriguing' fellow? if you answered Yes to all the questions, then congratulations! you have NO life. if you answered No to all the questions, then you HAVE got a life! Congratulations. I'm just kidding though, everybody has a life, so stop telling people that they don't have a life, and more importantly, stop telling yourself that you dont have a life. 



Hey Guys.

I am here to talk to you all about Skyrim. As you all know, it is one of THEE best games of all time.. But, is it all as it's made out to be?

 Now i have nothing against the game, but there are some things in this game that have me on the verge of murdering everyone in site.. for example, i do hate having to download a glitch fix for every second mission, having to walk to a place marker that is literally on the other side of the (amazingly huge and detailed) map, and then having to walk all the way back.. i know what your thinking, "noob, everyone knows that you can fast travel to discovered locations, noob dumbass." but still, even with fast travel, they make up the time with the loading screens, where the beautifully detailed 3D models only capture my attention for a few seconds.. and nothing is more annoying than having Lydia stand in the door way when your trying to do something important. Sigh..

Anyways, enough of the bad stuff. Now for the good stuff :D nothing is more satisfying than sneaking up behind and bandit, bow and arrow in hand, and then shooting them in the back of the neck, or setting a foe ablaze with an enchanted weapon. There's lots of great stuff in this game, and lots of annoying things too, but if theres one thing i should warn you of, it's that the first few days of this game will completely EAT your free time, and after a few weeks, you will become depressed when you realize how Skyrim has ruined your life.. on that note, i'm off to go play Skyrim! Peace.